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Paladin’s Core Services for Business

No matter how large or small your business is, you’ll want to work with people you can trust. Whether you prefer a purely reactive approach and simply want expert advice when problems arise; or a proactive one and want to integrate the various benefits of strategic legal services into your business, we have the solution for you.

  • Employment Law

    We are pre-eminent in employment law. Whatever the issue, you won't find a better team anywhere.

  • Commercial Law

    We provide the full range of commercial legal services from drafting contracts and protecting your IP, to full-blown litigation.

  • Mediation Services

    Whether you need support with a workplace mediation, or representation in an commercial settlement negotiation, we can help you get the outcome you want. Fast.

  • HR Consultancy

    From ad hoc HR advice to our Virtual HR Director service, we can cater for your specific needs - and your budget.

  • Investigation Services

    Whistleblowing, consumer complaints, employee relations disputes, governance - whatever the nature of the enquiry, allow our experts to handle it for you.

  • Interim Services

    Heads of HR; Directors of Governance; Group Legal Counsels. If you need regular on-site support, we can provide it.

Importantly, we are able to provide this range of legal and related services for business under one roof. Solicitors, barristers, specialist consultants and support staff working seamlessly together. The result? Exacting and focussed expertise, but without anything falling through the gaps. And a smaller bill to boot.

Legal Services for Business

We provide the full range of commercial legal services from business acquisition to exit. But at the core of the Paladin Promise is a commitment to ensuring that you are always looked after by subject-matter experts. To this end, we supplement our in-house team exclusively with consultant practitioners who are proven in their fields. That way, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice at all times.

  • Employment law

    Employment law is a complex area ranging from tribunal claims and discrimination allegations to TUPE and contractual matters.  At every step we will provide you with expert advice to avoid disputes, but if they do occur, we know how to deal with them efficiently and without breaking the bank. For complex legal areas we always give the best advice.

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  • Litigation

    Commercial disputes can arise at any time over almost anything. Prevention is better than cure, and we can provide you with the advice and drafting expertise you need in order to keep your business ahead of the game. If things nevertheless do go wrong, our tenacious litigation team will be there to ensure that the issue is resolved quickly, decisively and successfully.

  • Intellectual property

    Intellectual property law (often abbreviated to ‘IP’) governs the ownership and accessibility of ideas and inventions on both tangible and intangible things. IP is – or at least should be – an integral part of any business and on business valuation will often account for up to 80% of the value. We can advise you on patents, trademarks, copyrights and the myriad ways of protecting your most valuable assets.

  • Debt recovery

    “Cash is king” and that expression is never more appropriate than for a business with cashflow difficulties. We can advise you on establishing systems, practices and contractual terms which will maximise your opportunity to maintain a healthy cash-flow. And when others decide to hold on to your hard-earned money, our debt recovery service will help them see the error of their ways.

  • Commercial

    Throughout the life of a business you will need advice on many varied commercial matters, including terms and conditions of business, sale of goods, website terms, franchising, contracts and distribution agreements. We get to know your business and can help with all aspects of commercial law, making sure your interests are protected.

  • Corporate law

    Corporate law is multi-faceted and can take the form of company incorporation/LLP/partnership formation at the outset including shareholders agreements and partnership agreements; and then further down the line corporate governance, joint ventures and corporate restructuring. Whatever your needs we can advise on what is best for your business.

  • Acquisition, merger and sale

    We can help with all aspects of your business transaction: from commercial due diligence and negotiating the best price, through to drafting a water-tight sale and purchase agreement. We will ensure that the process runs smoothly, and that your interests are protected at all times.

  • Mediation services

    These days, mediation is everywhere – and for good reason. It has a high success rate and is cost-effective. We can provide seasoned mediators – or negotiators, as the case may be – ensuring that your objectives are secured and that you can go back to running your business as soon as possible.

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  • Data Protection / GDPR

    Most businesses know that there is new legislation, with increased obligations regarding data protection (and increased fines for getting it wrong). We can help with all matters of data protection, including data impact assessments, privacy notices, policies and procedures and training so it is more than just a policy.

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What our clients say

  • Darren Turnpenny Director

    Neil advised and supported me through a difficult settlement with my ex-employer. He explained my rights under employment law in simple terms that I could understand, which helped relieve the stress I was feeling at the time. He helped negotiate an excellent settlement . In addition he advised me with HMRC and saved me a significant amount of tax. I found him very easy to deal with, and would definitely recommend him. He definitely knows his stuff and is an excellent person to have in your corner.

  • Simon Baum Director

    Fantastic service! 5 stars!
    We’re a staffing company and needed help with our staff and client terms and conditions as well as advice with GDPR.
    Marsha helped us through the process in a relaxed and thorough way and made the whole experience stress free.
    Highly recommended!