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What is the Paladin way?

At Paladin, there is a hierarchy of principles and values which sit alongside the boring contractual stuff.

As lawyers, we are required – first and foremost – to comply (where relevant)  with our professional codes. But in fact, far from being onerous, these codes are empowering and perfectly consistent with our values. Broadly, our primary obligation is to the court – we cannot mislead the court under any circumstances.

Provided that we comply with this primary duty, our next most important duty is to our clients. And that suits us just fine. We are obsessive about getting results for our clients, so being regulated in a way that requires us to fiercely and fearlessly promote our clients interests is, well, very Paladin.

Third comes the Paladin Promise – this set of seven core principles defines our objectives whenever we are commissioned by a client to do anything. These represent what success looks like for us.

Finally, there is the Paladin way. This is undoubtedly the hardest concept to define but, like the proverbial elephant, you know it when you see it. It is less about what we do and much more about how we do it. The mere execution is not enough for us. We want to execute each task beautifully, with finesse, with pizazz – with what the French would call a certain “I don’t know what”. Doing things the Paladin way, means not being tied to convention or expectation or settling for good enough. It means striving to make sure that each thing we do is the best we can possibly make it.

The pursuit of perfection

Perfection is ultimately an unobtainable goal, but that doesn’t make the pursuit of it any less important. If we challenge ourselves every day to innovate, to excel and to just do it better than anyone else, we are at least on the right path. And if, along the path, we can be nice and friendly and decent and, well, just help to make the world a little bit better, then that’s a bonus.

This path is the Paladin way. Come on the journey with us?

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