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Mediation Services

We are a law firm, but we also recognise that sometimes – often in fact – Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including mediation, is not only an effective way of settling a dispute but can also be cost effective and less stressful for all parties. Let our mediation services help you.

At Paladin, we provide impartial mediation support to allow parties to resolve their conflicts by using an informal and interactive structure that engages with all participants.

Mediation can be used in a number of forums.  In a workplace, mediation is a voluntary and confidential mechanism used to resolve disputes between colleagues.  We provide the service as an impartial third party and encourage individuals to work through any issues with a view to being able to successfully work together.  It is a proven way to reach a compromise. The outcome is not binding on people but, usually by taking part, the individuals involved are motivated to try and make it work.

At Paladin, we also specialise in mediating commercial disputes, where agreement seems to be unreachable. We do not claim that everyone walks out thrilled with a mediation result, but the nature of compromise is that it is often better than the alternative.  We can help provide that impartial sounding board to enable people to work out if settlement is possible.

As a further ADR mechanism, we offer arbitration services, whereby we can be instructed to resolve a dispute outside of the courts, where both parties agree to this course of action.  As experienced lawyers and litigators, we are ideally placed to resolve a variety of disputes, confidentially and at a fraction of the cost of going to court.

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