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Commercial law

Paladin’s lawyers have significant experience in supporting businesses with the full range of corporate and commercial law services. From initial concept and start-up investment, through funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions and ultimately exit, we can support your business and investment throughout its lifetime.

We have a significant corporate client base of SMEs with a particular emphasis on the East Anglia region. We also provide commercial law services to national private and publicly-listed companies, private equity funds, local authorities, NHS trusts, schools and charities.

Regardless of the size of the organisation, our ethos remains the same: excellence in legal services, underpinned by outstanding customer service and at highly-competitive rates. We provide our clients with strategic and commercial advice in order that they can concentrate on running their businesses.

Our corporate services include:

  • Business creation, shareholder agreements and investment, including venture capital, angel investment, private equity and other funding
  • Shareholder agreements, options, LTIPs and share buy-backs
  • Incorporation documents and partnership agreements
  • Buying and selling businesses including management buy outs
  • Corporate restructurings, reorganisations and mergers
  • Banking, finance and bespoke commercial agreements
  • Franchise, distribution and agency agreements
  • Consultancy, sub-contractor and framework agreements
  • Intellectual property creation and protection
  • Data protection, privacy and Freedom of Information Act rights and duties.

Our commercial dispute services include:

  • shareholder and boardroom disputes
  • intellectual property infringement including patents, copyright and passing off
  • breach of confidence
  • commercial contract disputes
  • commercial litigation including injunctive proceedings and restrictive covenants
  • misrepresentation, economic tort and trade libel.

Whether you need agile and responsive support with non-contentious matters or commercial disputes, our team is on hand to guide you to a successful conclusion. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Paladin?

Paladin is a law firm with a difference. We are genuinely passionate about using the law to help our clients. Whether we are involved in non-contentious work, advising our clients to ensure that the law works hard for their business; or defensive work, using the law to protect our clients and their businesses; or contentious offensive work, using the law to execute our clients’ objectives, our approach is always the same.

We thrive on squeezing every possible drop of usefulness out of the law and applying it to our clients’ best advantage. It is this passion for what the law can achieve which causes us to offer our services pro bono for the most deserving cases. In all other cases, we offer our clients an almost limitless range of options for paying our fees. Fundamentally we are in business to make money, of course we are, but we truly love our work. We truly love the way in which, in the right hands, the law can be harnessed and leveraged to secure a competitive commercial advantage in any almost situation.

Picture the scene

So, picture the scene. You don’t love the law. You probably haven’t had much to do with it at all. Then WHAM, you find yourself with a serious legal problem. Who would you rather have on your side? The lawyer who couldn’t really care less as long as you paid the bill (and there are lots of them, believe us)? Or the lawyer who, even if money were no object, would still practice this precise area of law for fun, because they are so passionate about it? It’s a no-brainer, right?

Right. Yet the majority of people end up stuck with the first type of lawyer. (Which, incidentally, is one of the main reasons that employers labour under the illusion that employment law is “stacked against the employer” – but that’s a story for another time…)

Expertise and passion

Having a Paladin lawyer on your side means that you have the benefit of market-leading expertise. It also means that you have a lawyer who is at least as passionate about succeeding for you as you are. That alone is a formidable combination. But it is also only part of the story. Being represented by a Paladin lawyer will also evoke a range of somewhat different emotions in your opponents. Our opponents know that we are knowledgeable, thorough, tenacious and determined. And we command similar respect amongst the courts and tribunals. All of this is deployed to the advantage of you and your business. As a result, you can forget about your legal problem and concentrate on running your business.

Market-leading expertise, underpinned by fantastic customer service, wholly dedicated to protecting and empowering your business.

That’s the Paladin way.