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Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder and boardroom disputes are bad news for both the business and the individual shareholders. These disputes can arise for a number of reasons. They can include breach of a shareholders agreement or a break-down in personal relationships. Alternatively, they may involve an alleged breach of director’s duties, disagreement over the way the business should be managed or a dispute over monies being paid (or perhaps not paid).

The law that underlies most boardroom and shareholders disputes is both complex and technical. Our skill is to know the law but also recognise that each dispute is different. There may be complex personal relationships in play (as well as complex law).

Directors have the day to day control of the company, but it is the shareholders who hold the ultimate power. If you are an unhappy majority shareholder, we can assist you relatively easily to exercise such control as you wish over your company. However, this ‘ultimate power’ does not assist an unhappy shareholder where they are a minority shareholder. Minority shareholders must use the range of legal tools at their disposal to ensure that their rights are not unfairly prejudiced.

Let us help

At Paladin, we will look at the constitutional documents of the company, including any shareholders agreement that may be in place. Furthermore, we will advise you on company law, including the rules dictating calling meetings, passing resolutions and voting. We can assist with derivative claims, just and equitable windings-up and actions for unfair prejudice. Also we will make every effort to resolve any differences by agreement between the shareholders.  Whatever the best course of action is for you, we will give you all the information to enable you to make the right decision.

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